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OUR OFFICES ARE  OPEN in Hastings and Ashford Kent  by appointment.
We can meet you via a video meeting such as zoom  Please call for further details

         TEL: 01424 722422             EMAIL: law@holdenandco.co.uk

Holden and Co LLP is a firm of solicitors and advocates based in Hastings, East Sussex with a branch office in Ashford, Kent. A number of solicitors work within the specialist legal departments, but one golden thread linking them all is the firm's specialisation as Trial Lawyers/Advocates. Clients have the assurance of continuity of service from the time of the first appointment until the final day of the trial. Therefore, clients benefit from reduced cost of litigation.

Holden and Co LLP  Company Number OC362121is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and complies with their requirements including the Code of Conduct 2019 and the Accounts Rules 2019 full details of which can be found at www.sra.org.uk/handbook/.

We are franchised by the Legal Aid Authority, generally in the Family, and Housing areas of law, although we may be willing to undertake other areas of work.

The word partner shall be construed as synonymous to member of Holden & Co LLP and vise versa.
We us or this firm are references to Holden & Co LLP and you or the client are references to you the client

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